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Digicat story

One cold winter evening, Digicat was in her bedroom. She had just finished reading and was enjoying playing on her tablet, watching some videos before bedtime. The Furry Family was her favorite website as she could play games there and chat with her friends. (Cool!)


Many cats loved to play on Furry Family, including Digicat's closest friends. While she was watching a video, a new message popped up. She opened it and saw a funny photo of Princessfussy, her best friend in school. Someone had edited the photo to make her look silly.


"Princessfussy looks hilarious! I'll share it with everyone," Digicat thought.


Just as she was about to send it, her mom came into the room and told her to switch off her tablet because it was time to sleep. Digicat was tired and wanted to be well-rested since she had a big concert at school the next day.


She kept thinking about the photo of Princessfussy and wished she had sent it to her friends. Shortly after, she fell sound asleep. The heavy rain outside, along with the lightning and thunder, kept her company through the night. Restless in her sleep, she started dreaming....


In her dream, she had sent the photo of Princessfussy to her group of friends. Their reactions were mixed. Some of them laughed at the photo and shared it with others. Others didn't like that Digicat was trying to make fun of Princessfussy.


The next day, on her way to school, Digicat noticed that some of her friends were ignoring her. They were looking at her with angry faces, gathered around Princessfussy, who was crying. Digicat was confused. She thought by sharing the photo, others would think she was cool.


During math class, she was called to the Headmaster's office. Anxiety gnawed at her as she didn't know what was going to happen.....


Then, with a jolt, Digicat woke up sweaty and agitated.  She immediately switched on her tablet. She frantically checked to see if she had actually sent the photo.

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