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8-10 Years

In this section of the toolkit, one can find resources specifically for children between the ages of  8-10 years. Our resources are easy to use and designed to be fun and engaging, so that learning about online safety is a positive experience. 

Quick tips
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  • Ask the child about their preferred games, websites, and apps. Explore the aspects they enjoy and ask if there are any elements that raise concerns or they dislike.

  • If the children engage with strangers while playing games, emphasize the significance of not sharing personal information such as their name, school, or phone number. Encourage them to promptly notify their parents/ guardians or another trusted adult if they encounter anything worrisome or upsetting.

  • Support the children in adjusting privacy settings on their apps to ensure they only share content with real-life friends whom they know and trust. If they share photos or videos with familiar individuals, discuss safer methods like sending them via email, messaging services, or private links.

  • Learn how to block and report users in each game, website, or app the children use. Review these functions with the children to ensure they understand how to utilize them if needed.

  • Reassure the children that they can always approach you if something goes awry online. Assure them that they won't face any consequences for sharing and that you're available to help and support them.

  • Additionally, utilize the series of three short videos created by NCA-CEOP Education as conversation starters with the children.











Questions to ask children:

  1. What do they think are the main learning points from each episode?

  2. Can they apply any of the safety tips when they are online?

The game "Band Runner," also created by CEOP, is an excellent way to engage in a conversation about online safety. You can take turns on one device or play simultaneously on two. After playing, discuss with the children what they recall about Alfie's online safety dilemmas.

Band runner game
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