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8-10 Years

In this section of the toolkit, one can find resources specifically for children between the ages of  8-10, covering topics such as cyberbullying, social media safety, and protecting sensitive information. Our resources are easy to use and designed to be fun and engaging, so that learning about online safety is a positive experience. These resources are tailored for children between the ages of 8 and 10, and they directly address common online risks. 

Quick tips

  • Ask your child about their favorite games, websites, and apps. What aspects do they enjoy, and is there anything they find concerning or don’t like?

  • If your child interacts with strangers in games, explain the importance of not sharing personal information like their name, school, or phone number. Encourage them to immediately inform you or another trusted adult if something worries or upsets them.

  • Assist your child in adjusting privacy settings on their apps to ensure they only share content with real-life friends they know and trust. If they share photos or videos with known individuals, discuss safer methods such as sending them via email, messaging services, or private links.

  • Discover how to block and report users in each game, site, or app your child uses. Discuss these functions with your child to ensure they understand how to use them if necessary.

  • Reassure your child that they can always approach you if something goes wrong online. Let them know they won't get in trouble for sharing and that you're there to help and support them.

  • The below series of 3 short videos created by NCA-CEOP Education can also be used as conversation starters with your young child.










Questions you can ask your child

  • What they believe the main learning points of each episode to be?

  • Can any of the safety tips be applied when their online?

  • The game Band Runner also created by CEOP is a great game to play with your young child to start a discussion about online safety. You could take it in turns on one device or play at the same time on two. After playing, ask your child what they remember about Alfie’s online safety dilemmas. 

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